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LED Inflatable Photo Booth


Do you want to rent a photo booth? Customers can add a new twist to photo booth rentals with an  LED Inflatable Photo Booth.   And choose from 16 different light colors.  Customers can choose to strobe, flash, or fade colors. Match the uplighting at weddings or attract attention to trade show booths. The inflatable booth includes two doors and a roof and is a great place to cool off!  The enclosure measures 8’x8’x8′ and will fit in most venues.  Easily take large group photos!   The uses are endless. Contact us now for availability!

What is a #Selfie Booth?

Why you need a iPad Social Kiosk!

Why you need a iPad Social Kiosk!

Introducing a optional upgrade to enhance your photo booth experience. Instead of waiting around the booth for the picture to print guests will be able to use the iPad Social Kiosk to review all of the pictures from your event and share them on Twitter, Facebook, and email instantaneously! There are over 1 billion Facebook users and Twitter is adding 150,000 new accounts daily! Guests will receive a physical and digital copy of every print! You will be able to reach out to guests who weren’t able to make it and show them the fun they missed out on. This will keep the line for the booth shorter allowing more guests to enjoy this unique experience you have provided for them! Just one more way It Takes 2 shows you we take fun very seriously!

What to look for before you book your Photo Booth!

What to look for before you book your Photo Booth!


The next big thing is here and it’s a photo booth! If you are planning a wedding, birthday party, or corporate event you should seriously consider one. At the end of the day photographs, videos, and memories are all you have. Events can be expensive and spending your money wisely is key. Photo booths can take the place of traditional wedding favors and guest books. All vendors are not created equal, so here is a list of key things to look for!

1. Camera: Make sure the vendor you choose uses a DSLR. This type of camera captures the fine details and takes crisp photos. Absolutely no webcams unless you want blurry photos.

2. Printer: Ask your potential vendors if they have a dye-sublamination printer. This is the industry standard. The idea behind the photo booth is you want the photos to print quickly. Most dye-sublanmination prints print in 15 seconds or less. The printer from Walmart will not do the trick!

3. Prints: Bigger is better so go for the 4×6 prints. Some companies offer only 2×6 prints. If you choose double prints make sure that you are not getting 4×6 photos cut in half. Customized prints should be standard. Go for background colors that match your theme! For a little extra you can opt for a scrapbook it is well worth it. Guest will be able to leave a hand written message, which makes a wonderful keepsake.

4. Standing Photo Booth: You will have a choice between a sitting or a standing photo booth. Group photos are more fun so go for the standing booth. A sitting photo booth limits you to 2 or 3 people, but a standing booth can fit up to 10 people. Do the math more people equals more fun!

5. Photo Booth Attendant: Find out if an attendant is provided during your event. It is necessary to have one there in case of a technical issue. You don’t want to be stuck with a broken booth and bored guests!

Why you need a photo booth at your wedding!



You meet the man of your dreams, he asks you to be his wife and suddenly everyone wants you to become this lovely blushing bride. Instead you turn into a stressed out, dieting, mildly irritable, aggressive former shadow of yourself that even you don’t understand at times. Don’t worry, it’s natural and it happens to the best of us! There are several items that all brides focus on, the dress, the flowers, the décor. But when it comes to the entertainment of the wedding most couples think their only decision is band or DJ-sadly you’d be mistaken. I have attented many weddings where the DJ is lack luster or only played music that half of the guest enjoyed at any given time.

This means that for part of your reception that you’ve worked so hard for half of your guests are well…bored. When planning my own wedding I knew, having experienced that lull at other weddings, that I wanted something fun. That is where the photobooth came into play.  When guests weren’t dancing or mingling they were lining up to take pictures using the props provided in the booth. Every guest went through at least twice (thank goodness we had unlimited prints!) and loved that the pictures were part of their favors and that they got to keep them. The photo booth was something different that many of our guests hadn’t seen before and many enjoyed the flexibitlity of being able to leave their well wishes for us inside the booth. Having a copy of all of the pictures in the keepsake album is something we will treasure always and we love going back to view the words of love and encouragement left by our guests.

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